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Here are examples of "how to" play some of the printables activities on this site. I am a firm believer that children learn through play and repetition. You will find when you do these activities that the children will want to do them over and over again. We do these activities both as a part of both group and individual play.

File Folder Games

File Folder Games are easy to make and provide an excellent way for children to participate in "hands-on" learning! I have file folder games that children can chose from themselves (free choice and during learning centers are wonderful times for children to play file folder games) .... I also have "teacher" file folder games ... which are file folder games that I bring out to work on with the children.

You will need:

File Folders - Either Color or Manilla


Glue Sticks


Card Stock Paper (I get mine at Wal-Mart) and Regular Paper


Laminator (Wal-Mart has inexpensive ones)


Laminating Pouches -
is where I get mine. I use the 5 mil. 9 x 11.5 size.


Zip-Lock Bags to store the loose game pieces in.


The first thing you need to do is print the file folder game you wish to make. I use normal ink jet paper for the the front cover and game pieces that are glued inside the file folder. I use a thicker paper called cardstock for the pieces that that will be laminated. Once the patterns for the game are printed cut out the pieces that go on the cover of the file folder and inside the file folder. You can arrange the pieces any way you want.

Next ... cut out the pieces that you printed on cardstock and lamintate. I use a heated laminator that uses pouches. There will be a pouch folder that you open up and then you place the laminating pouch inside the pouch folder and open it. Lay the pieces on one half of the pouch and cover with the other half of the pouch and pouch folder. Insert in the laminator. I run mine through twice.



Cut out the pieces that were laminated and place in a zip lock bag and place inside the file folder. I store my file folder games in a simple plastic container that has a lid. Do not put too many games in the container that the students choose file folder game from so that the students can easily choose the games.


To play the file folder games students match the pieces that are loose to the pieces that are inside the file folder. I do not put velcro or anything on the backs of the pieces but I know some people like to. File folder games can be played on the floor or on tables ... in groups or individually. Experiment and see what works best for your students.

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